1/02/2010 03:38:00 PM

Everything Motorcycle

Here is the first of my efforts. I will cover a host of topics and issues. If you take a look at my profile you will no doubt get an idea of a few of the things that are important to me. Though not reflected on my web site at this time, I am equally if not more interested in Critical Care Paramedicine and following our all too screwed up politicians and their misguided selfish endeavors. Each of these things will be discussed on this blog.

Which issue or topic I choose to comment about will be dependent on any or all of several issues which will include but not be limited to: Current Events as they are presented by media, my own experiences, how I feel, and as a result of input and communication with others.

When it comes to politics, I do not as a rule subscribe to any party or any other partisan label. Never really have decided exactly where (as if one cold accurately graph such a thing anyway) but I do know that I come down right of center in most all cases. I am neither radical nor fanatical by any definition and generally believe that those who are should be summarily dismissed without recourse. In short, I believe in God and country. I am proud to call both "Mine".

Thank you for your time. Stop by my website at http://www.rcmedic.com/

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OK Brad. Sounds interestig so let's see where it takes us

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